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Muffin Tin Monday


We had movie night with a muffin tin dinner, picnic style on a blanket in the living room. It was so much fun. Next time, I'll leave the m&ms off the tray until after the meal. I can't wait to see the other muffin tin meals this week for some inspiration! … [Read more...]

Muffin Tin Monday – Team Umizoomi Snack Patterns


The show Team Umizoomie on Nick Jr. has made B LOVE to work with patterns. For months I've been trying and trying to create opportunities to work on these and talk about them and he went along with it but wasn't thrilled about it until watching Team Umizoomie. They have the cutest song about a snack pattern that we've changed and used to create so many other patterns.So for … [Read more...]

Muffin Tin Monday – Orange


cheese cubes, oranges, carrots, mac n cheese, cheetos, peach yogurt, and cheese crackers We hunted for orange food this week at the grocery store. Fun! B's favorite was cheetos but the carrots and mac n cheese were left at the table. B never eats the mac n cheese when it is leftovers. Who knew he could tell?!Check out Muffin Tin Monday for more great orange themed tins! … [Read more...]

Muffin Tin Monday – Christmas


The theme for this week's Muffin Tin Monday is Christmas. I decided to focus on Christmas colors and have a Red and Green meal. We bought a new green tin at Hobby Lobby (How can you resist a child saying "We should get this for Muffin Tin Monday." OK!) and then went on a hunt to fill it with red foods. I had B searching the pantry for red food ideas. After I said no to filling … [Read more...]

Muffin Tin Monday – Christmas Morning


This week's theme for Muffin Tin Monday is "Christmas Morning". I have NO idea what we will be eating Christmas morning. We don't really have a tradition in place yet. I'm dreaming of something special, yet fast and easy. Any ideas?So I gave B 3 waffles and some toppings to build a snowman. Here is the final product.... … [Read more...]

Muffin Tin Monday


Turkey, Christmas Tree Sandwich, Fruit, Doritos, Mac n cheese, Applesauce with sprinkles There wasn't a theme this week for Muffin Tin Monday so it was the perfect time to use our new snowman tin (Target Dollar Spot $2.50). What else do people do with these besides Muffin Tin Monday? Muffins? Ice? Anyway after arranging a variety of food in this cute tin, all B ate was the … [Read more...]

Muffin Tin Monday – Happy Birthday, Brown Bear!


I just couldn't come up with anything creative for Muffin Tin Monday and then B announced that it was Brown Bear's birthday. So we had a party. I used old, stale ice cream cones as my muffin tin with applesauce, yogurt, and fruit in them (all with sprinkles). I just had to include a picture of B with his "party hat" on. Also, he made that sign for Brown Bear and afterwards I … [Read more...]

Muffin Tin Monday – Outer Space


Raisin bread and cream cheese sandwich, cheese moon, cheese fire, grape stars, raisin stars, candy pumpkin stars, fruit snack stars The theme for Muffin Tin Monday this week is "Outer Space". B has minimal background knowledge about space so we went with a really simple tin. He gobbled it up and we talked about how astronauts go to space. … [Read more...]

Muffin Tin Monday – Pancake Pumpkin Faces


Today's theme for Muffin Tin Monday is Fall Harvest/Halloween. I decided to whip up some blueberry pancakes to make "pumpkin faces".Toppings for the faces: Candy corn, bananas, sprinkles, raisins, whip cream B's Pumpkin Face My Pumpkin Face Ok so they look pretty WIERD! Ha ha They really look like aliens or old men but B didn't notice and they were tasty and fun to make! … [Read more...]

Muffin Tin Monday – Alphabet Soup


"Alphabet Soup" - A is for apples, C is for cheese, P is for pickle, M is for milkshake (yogurt), B is for bagel, R is for raisins, B is for beans, C is for corn, H is for hotdog, Nn is for noodles, and P is for puddingB has really been into the story Alphabet Mystery. In the story, the Capital I threatens to turn the lowercase letters into alphabet soup and he thinks that is … [Read more...]

Muffin Tin Monday – Circus


This week’s theme for Muffin Tin Monday is “The Circus”. B didn’t have any background knowledge on the circus so we went to the website to the Create Your Own Circus link. Fun!I didn’t really get creative with the food and introduce new and exciting things (which is my overall goal) but I think it was a fun lunch! The popcorn containers were printed at … [Read more...]